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23/11/20: A new beat in non-Abelian quantum matter


Non-Abelian Bloch oscillations in higher-order topological insulators,

M. Di Liberto, N. Goldman and G. Palumbo,

Nature Communications 11, 5942 (2020) [link]

16/10/20: Tuning Chern numbers by creating a dark state


A dark state of Chern bands: Designing flat bands with higher Chern number,

M. Łącki, J. Zakrzewski, and N. Goldman,

React on the SciPost submission page [link];

23/07/20: Hall plateau from the drift of few interacting bosons


Hall drift of fractional Chern insulators in few-boson systems,

C. Repellin, J. Léonard, and N. Goldman,

arXiv:2005.09689v2  (2020) [PDF];

29/06/20: Floquet topological matter in an ultracold gas


Realization of an anomalous Floquet topological system with ultracold atoms,

K. Wintersperger, C. Braun, F. N. Ünal, A. Eckardt, M. Di Liberto, 

N. Goldman, I.Bloch, and M. Aidelsburger,

Nature Physics (2020) [link]

News and Views ("Driving toward hot new phases") by Mark S. Rudner [link]

18/03/20: Quantum geometry revealed in diamond


• Experimental measurement of the quantum geometric tensor using coupled qubits in diamond,

M. Yu, P. Yang, M. Gong, Q. Cao, Q. Lu, H. Liu, S. Zhang, M. B. Plenio, F. Jelezko, T. Ozawa, N. Goldman and J. Cai,

National Science Review 7, 254 (2020) [link]

12/02/20: Momentum-resolved instabilities in shaken BEC

Parametric instabilities of interacting bosons in periodically-driven 1D optical lattices,

K. Wintersperger, M. Bukov, J. Näger, S. Lellouch, E. Demler, U. Schneider,

I. Bloch, N. Goldman, and M. Aidelsburger,

Physical Review X 10, 011030 (2020) [link]

Based on theory work:

Parametric Instability Rates in Periodically-Driven Band Systems

S. Lellouch, M. Bukov, E. Demler, and N. Goldman

Physical Review X 7, 021015 (2017) [link]

see also the experiment: 

Parametric instabilities in a 2D periodically-driven bosonic system: Beyond the weakly-interacting regime,

T. BoulierJ. MaslekM. BukovC. BracamontesE. MagnanS. LellouchE. DemlerN. Goldman and J. V. Porto,

Physical Review X 9, 011047 (2019) [link]

C. Hohmann (LMU)

15/10/19: Seeing localization in heating


1/10/19: 2D topological physics from shaking a 1D wire


• Quantized Hall conductance of a single atomic wire: A proposal based on synthetic dimensions,

G. Salerno, H. M. Price, M. Lebrat, S. Häusler, T. Esslinger, L. Corman, J.-P. Brantut and N. Goldman,

Physical Review X 9, 041001 (2019) [link]

G. Salerno (ULB)

Christoph Hohmann (LMU / MCQST)

16/9/19: Cold-atom approach to lattice gauge theories


Floquet approach to ℤ2 lattice gauge theories with ultracold atoms in optical lattices,

C. Schweizer, F. Grusdt, M. Berngruber, L. Barbiero, E. Demler, 

N. Goldman, I. Bloch and M. Aidelsburger,

Nature Physics 15, 1168 (2019) [link]

Read the News & Views in Nature Physics by Cheng Chin [link]


Coupling ultracold matter to dynamical gauge fields in optical lattices:

From flux-attachment to ℤ2 lattice gauge theories,

L. Barbiero, C. Schweizer, M. Aidelsburger, E. Demler, N. Goldman and F. Grusdt,

Science Advances 5, eaav7444 (2019) [link]

25/4/19: Detecting topological order by circular dichroism selected by PRL


Artwork by Harald Ritsch

26/3/19: Topological photonics: The Review is now published!


Topological photonics,

T. Ozawa, H. M. Price, A. Amo, N. Goldman, M. Hafezi, L. Lu, M. C. Rechtsman, D. Schuster,

J. Simon, O. Zilberberg, and I. Carusotto,

Rev. Mod. Phys. 91, 015006 (2019)

18/2/19: Quantized circular dichroism in Nature Physics


Measuring quantized circular dichroism in ultracold topological matter,

L. AsteriaD. T. TranT. OzawaM. TarnowskiB. S. RemN. Fläschner

K. SengstockN. Goldman and C. Weitenberg,

Nature Physics 15, 449 (2019)

Based on theory works:

Probing topology by "heating": Quantized circular dichroism in ultracold atoms 

D. T. Tran, A. Dauphin, A. G. Grushin, P. Zoller and N. Goldman,

Science Advances 3, e1701207 (2017) 

Quantized Rabi Oscillations and Circular Dichroism in Quantum Hall Systems,

D. T. Tran, N. R. Cooper, and N. Goldman, 

Phys. Rev. A 97, 061602(R) (2018)

5/2/19: A polaron view on topology


Dropping an impurity into a Chern insulator: a polaron view on topological matter,

A. Camacho-Guardian, N. Goldman, P. Massignan and G. M. Bruun,

Phys. Rev. B 99, 081105(R) (2019)

30/1/19: Kalb-Ramond gauge fields in quantum matter


Tensor Berry connections and their topological invariants,

G. Palumbo and N. Goldman,

Phys. Rev. B 99, 045154 (2019) ; see also Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 170401 (2018)