Meetings of the Belgian Quantum Physics Initiative

Next BQPi Meeting: April 2nd 2020 CANCELLED

Colloquium "The practical use of universal C*-algebras in the theory of quantum correlations" by Reinhard Werner (Univ. Hannover)

Calendar 2019-2020

28th November 2019 (Univ. Liege): Seminar day on path-integral and semiclassical approaches

13th February 2020: Nir Navon (Yale)

2nd April 2020: Reinhard Werner (Leibniz Universität Hannover) CANCELLED

7th May 2020: Monika Aidelsburger (LMU, Munich) CANCELLED

Calendar 2018-2019

4th October 2018: Philipp Hauke (Univ. of Heidelberg)

8th November 2018: Eleni Diamanti (Sorbonne Univ., Paris)

13th December 2018: Ignacio Cirac (MPQ Garching)

10th January 2019: Sebastian Diehl (Univ. Cologne)

7th February 2019: Markus Oberthaler (Univ. of Heidelberg)

14th March 2019: Jean Dalibard (Collège de France)

4th April 2019: Caslav Brukner (Univ. of Vienna)

2nd May 2019: Andreas Buchleitner (Univ. of Freiburg)

Calendar 2017-2018

9th November 2017: Marc Cheneau (LCF Paris)

7th December, 2017: Ronald de Wolf (CWI and Univ. of Amsterdam)

18th January 2018: Tilman Esslinger (ETH Zurich)

1st February 2018: Steven H. Simon (Oxford Univ.)

15th February 2018: Rembert Duine (Utrecht Univ.)

1st March 2018: Thierry Giamarchi (Geneva Univ.)

26th April 2018: Klaus Mølmer (Aarhus Univ.)

17th May 2018: Wolfgang Schleich (Ulm Univ.)

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